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Oil Furnace

Oil Fired Furnaces


Installing a new heating system,

or is it time to update the old system?

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  • Need a new furnace installed?
  • Need new heating duct work?
  • Want add to your existing duct work?

You can trust Scobie Heating for a high-quality furnace installation, so you can enjoy energy-saving warmth for years to come. As part of the installation process, we ensure that:

  • Your furnace receives proper ventilation
  • Installation meets or exceeds the TSSA codes and all additional municipal code standards
  • Your thermostat is properly set up and calibrated

Ontario winter lake viewOntario winter lake view

An Ottawa valley winters can be a very chilling experience – that’s why it’s important to have the most reliable heating products installed in your home.


High-efficiency furnaces will increase the heat distribution throughout your entire home and save you money on your energy bills.

No matter what your heating needs are,

Scobie Heating has you covered.

Why buy a new furnace?

  • A new high efficiency furnace is the best way for you to improve your home comfort. Using multi-staging technology, your new furnace will evenly heat every room in your home, leaving no cold spots or poorly heated areas behind.
  • The older a furnace is, the more it requires frequent costly repairs. The average cost to repair a furnace is between $400 to $500 for each visit. The older the furnace is, the longer the wait times for those parts.
  • The old, malfunctioning furnace is causing you to pay higher monthly energy bills. Rising fuel costs across Canada are making it easier to justify buying a new, energy efficient furnace. There may also be rebates available on Extra High Efficiency Furnaces. Something you may not have with your old furnace.
  • A new, highly efficient furnace adds value to your home and adds to the buyer “appeal” to those who want to purchase your home. 

We offer brand names you know and trust, our ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment will help you save energy and money.


 If you are looking for assistance in finding a reputable furnace for your home, 
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